Chocolate Rabbits

Chocolate Rabbits, a Weekly Hunt Token.

Unqiue Appearance
Edition Zurich
Started On 4 April 2019
Week 1 Chocolate Bunny Token 15 for TokenBox1 1
Week 2 Chocolate Bunny Token 25 for Key 10
Week 3 Chocolate Bunny Token 30 for Chicky or Key 10
Chocolate Bunnies are the Weekly Hunt tokens that needed to be collected during the Subway Surfers World Tour: Zurich. They have the appearance of the Chocolate Bunnies. It celebrates the Easter 2019.

Prizes Edit

  • Week 1: 15 Chocolate Bunnies for 1 Token Box
  • Week 2: 25 Chocolate Bunnies for 10 Keys
  • Week 3: 30 Chocolate RBunnies for Chicky or 10 Keys

Gallery Edit

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