Character Tokens are items in Subway Surfers. They can be used to unlock Tricky, Fresh, Spike, and Yutani and their outfits. Also to unlock Jake's Star Outfit. The player can get Character Tokens by opening mystery boxes and token boxes.

List of Character TokensEdit

Token Character Unlocks
(Jake Spray Can)
Jake1 x150 = Star Outfit
(Tricky Hat)
Tricky1 x3 = Tricky
x120 = Camo Outfit
x200 = Heart Outfit
Fresh's Radio Icon
(Fresh Radio)
Fresh1 x50 = Fresh
x120 = Funk Outfit
x300 = Sport Outfit
Spike's Guitar Icon
(Spike Guitar)
Spike1 x200 = Spike
x120 = Rock Outfit
x300 = Punk Outfit
Yutani's UFO Icon
(Yutani UFO)
Yutani1 x500 = Yutani

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