Brody wearing the original outfit.


Brody wearing the Posh Outfit.


Brody wearing the Chill Outfit.

Cost Coin 350,000
Edition Standard
Limited? No
Release Date 24 October 2012
Brody watch2

Brody watch3
Posh Outfit
Key 35

Chill Outfit
Key 70

Brody can be unlocked by purchasing with Coin 350,000. He is the second most expensive character in Subway Surfers, topped only by Prince K. His first outfit, the Posh Outfit, can be bought for Key 35. His second outfit, the Chill Outfit, can be bought for Key 70.


Brody looks like a young lifeguard. He wears a shark's tooth necklace, a watch, deep blue swim shirt, red and yellow shorts, a pair of blue flip flops, and flowing blond hair with black sunglasses.

During the Seoul 2014 Update,  He received his Posh Outfit. In his Posh Outfit, his shirt changes to a black polo and he is now wearing his glasses and a silver ring. His shorts are also changed to brown.

During the Mexico City Update, He received his Chill Outfit. In his Chill Outfit, he now has a large red headband with two v shaped white lines on the top of the headband, holding down his long hair. His glasses are now pink/red and are oval shaped. His necklace is now multicolored with a green peace sign likes GAU-8 hanging at the bottom. His shirt is also moderately more blue and shorts is changed to red and green.


  • He is the second most expensive character in the game, costing 350,000 Coin, topped only by Prince K.
  • His hair is animated as if he is standing against the wind. However, this is only seen in his default outfit.
  • Brody appears to have the most different idle animations in the character select screen out of all characters (including limited characters).
  • He is the first character to wear flip flops, the second being Kim (Original only), the third being Edison, and the fourth being Jenny (Original only).
    • Unlike the other three, he is a non-limited character.
  • He, Nick, Dylan, Hugo, and Philip are the only blond boys in Subway Surfers.
  • He has sunglasses in all of his outfits.
    • However, in his original outfit his sunglasses are on the top of his head instead.


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