Bouncer in its original form.

Cost Coin 280,000
Ability Super Jump
Limited? No
Release Date
This hoverboard doesn't have any unlockable upgrades.
Bouncer is a type of hoverboard that protects from crashing for 30 seconds. When crashed, the hoverboard will explode and need to recharge for a few seconds before using again.

Special Power

Bouncer Hoverboards will have the "Super Jump" ability. All Bouncer hoverboards will automatically grant players the "Super Sneakers' powerup, making gameplay experience slightly easier.


  • If you use a normal hoverboard when Super Sneakers are active, you will have a hoverboard similar to it, but with two differences:
    • Different time limit
    • Different Hoverboards
  • When using the hoverboard, the player can be seen wearing the Super Sneakers power-up.
  • Also note that if you are wearing a Super Sneakers and activate this hoverboard or any hoverboard with the "Super Jump" ability, the Super Sneaker's timer will be paused, while the Hoverboard's timer will tick down. The Super Sneaker's timer will resume after the Hoverboard's timed out.
  • if you wish to complete the High Jumper Award, try using Bouncer.
  • It and Hot Rod are currently the third most expensive hoverboards, costing Coin 280,000 each, with the second being Lowrider (Coin 320,000), and the first being Windglider (Coin 360,000).


On the New Orleans update, it was available for free for everybody to use for 24 hours. So was at the re-released Miami edition, at 12 February 2014.


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