Amira wearing the original outfit.


Amira wearing the Genie Outfit.


Amira wearing the Jewel Outfit.

Cost Coin 95,000
Edition Arabia
Limited? Yes
Release Date 16 April 2015
Amira watch2

Amira watch3
Genie Outfit
Key 15

Jewel Outfit
Key 30
Amira is a character exclusive to Subway Surfers World Tour: Arabia and re-released during Subway Surfers World Tour: Arabia 2016 and 2017. She is also the twenty-fifth limited character in Subway Surfers, and twenty-third limited character in the World Tour series. She can be purchased with Coin 95,000, just like any other limited character. Her first outfit, the Genie Outfit, can be purchased for Key 15. Her second outfit, the Jewel Outfit, can be purchased for Key 30.


Amira has the appearance of an Arabian girl. She has straight brown hair, fashioned uniquely in a side ponytail with bangs, adorned with a wide yellow headband. Her eyes are brown and her skin is moderately tanned. Amira's outfit includes a yellow tank top with green-blue stripes that shows her belly button and purple pants with a belt matching her top. She wears multiple gold accessories, which include a pair of wide wristbands/bracelets, a snake-shaped upper arm bracelet, a small hoop earring which is connected with a golden chain to a similar nose ring. Probably the most noticeable trait about her is that she is barefoot.

In her Genie Outfit, she has blue skin and eyes, black hair which sticks up much like the Genie from the Disney film Aladdin. She now has a white cloth-like material around her head. She wears a purple shirt and the same long purple pants. She has blue and red shoes with the end of He shoe curving. Finally, she has a white material that has bumps all across the material. She still has the chain that came out of her nose and around her right earring.

In her Jewel Outfit, she wears a striped blue and flesh coloured dress, white tights, purple boots, gold bangles, a purple headscarf and a gold ring on her head with a big red jewel in the centre. She gets back her nose piercing with a chain connecting it to her earring.


  • Her Genie Outfit is probably a reference to the Genie from the film Aladdin. Not only is her skin blue like the Genie's, but her hair is also styled the same way. She also wears the same yellow bracelets that the Genie wears.
  • She is the the fourth character to run barefooted, the first being Izzy, the second being Jay (Blue Outfit only) and the third being Zuri (Original Outfit only).
  • In the Cairo Update, she cost 30 keys.


Version Changes
Version 1.38 Character added to the game + Genie Outfit
Version 1.51 Jewel Outfit added
Version 1.67 Character + Genie Outfit + Jewel Outfit re-released


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