4th of July

Screenshot 2019-06-27-04-03-11

4th of July in its original form.


4th of July equipped with Spark Trail.


4th of July equipped with Speed Up.

Cost £2.99
Ability None
Edition Miami 2019
Limited? Yes
Release Date 27 June 2019
SparkTrail watch

SpeedUp watch
Spark Trail
Key 001 80

Speed Up
Key 001 100
4th of July is a limited hoverboard introduced in the Subway Surfers World Tour: Miami 2019. It has the appearance of a Rocket with the colors of the United States flag and has a trail of fireworks to celebrate the Independence Day of USA on 4th July. Like any other hoverboard, it will protect you from crashing for 30 seconds. When crashed, the board will explode and recharge for a few seconds before it can be used again. It has two upgrades, one being Spark Trail , wich costs  80 and the other being Speed Up, wich costs  100. 4th of July itself costs £2.99.

Trivia Edit

  • It has the same model and powers of Rocket board.
  • It has the same price of the Rocket board.

Gallery Edit

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